Class B Busduct Trunking system

 Model:     XLVA

Current range: 100A~4000A

Conductor:  Aluminium

Insulation:  Mylar

IP degree:  IP54

HS code:  8544422900 

  • Class B Busduct Trunking system

    XLV series busway trunking system is advanced and energy-saving type developed by ZHENDA. It adopts British Henrob and Germany EPRESS self-piercing riveting technology, and the overall structure of enclosure are riveted together automatically, ensuring high degree of automation. The use of hydraulic pressure makes the overall strength of busway being substantially enhanced, and has a good sealing effect and anti-seepage feature.

    Besides above, it has features below:

    1. Flexible system direction to meet cross arrangement

    2. Space saving

    3. Can be re-using after disassembled.

    4. High short-circuit strength and protection degree.

    5. Both nut tightening and self-piercing riveting technology are available.

    6. It adopts floor plates to double the heat dispersion.

    7. Compact construction, good heat dispersion, low impedance, reliable and easy to installation and maintenance.


  •                            mylar bus duct

  • copper bus duct

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