1.protection layer (960h) is higher than HDP (96h).
2. save the installation time 20%-50%
3. raw material: color steel 
4. could manage the cables based on different color.

  • Compared to the common cable trays, its advantages:

    1. Lighter 20%-50%,Loading strength is  higher 50%

    2. The cost is less 20%-50%.

    3. Excellent vision effect: could manage it based on the color code, different function, different site, esp. In high voltage, low voltage and fire protection system.

    4. Protection layer: PE: 480h, PVDF: 960h, higher than HDG (96h)

    5. Longer life time: more than 30 years. Passing the salt spray testing 1000h could prove its brilliant anti-corrosion.

    6. Art-craft processing: after finishing shaping , then coating color thermosetting high-polymer powder. ( the coating thickness is more than 60μm)

  • The detailed technical data based on your size requirements, welcome to quote us!
  • color steel cable tray



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