Sandwich Type Busduct Trunking System Features:
1. Current Range: 400A~ 6300 A(CU) ,100A~5000A(AL)
2. System Voltage: 690V
3. IP grade: IP54/IP65

4. Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

5. Conductor : High conductivity Cu (purity 99.96%)/ AL

  • Sandwich Type Busduct Trunking System Features:

    Enclosure:  Extruded aluminum-magnesium alloy , could be 100%earthing system
    Halogen free, Class-B-Mylar or Class-F-Epoxy powder coating
    Ingress protection: IP54 or IP65 as standard
    Standard lengths: 4m/3m/2m/1m
    Configuration : 3P3W / 3P4W / 3P5W with or without integral earth

    Can be re-used after disassemble

    Function Units

  • bus duct



  • copper bus duct
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