mesh cable tray

Length: 3000mm

Width: 50-1000mm or customized
Height: 50-200mm or customized
Diameter of the steel wire: 3.5mm-6.0mm

  • mesh cable tray

    Variety of dimension available.
    Flexible and fast installation.
    Rust proof with the finish ≥12µ.
    Salt spray tests time: ≥48 hours.
    Moderate frequency welding guarded the strong payload.

    Max loading: Depends on the diameter of steel wire and size of wire basket tray (100kg to 400kg).

  • mesh cable tray

    ♦ Thickness: 0.7 mm - 2.8 mm 

    ♦ Height: 50 mm - 350 mm (Light / Medium / Heavy Duty) 
    ♦ Width: 100 mm - 1000 mm
    ♦ Complete series of fittings: horizontal elbow, horizontal tee, horizontal cross, horizontal reducer, vertical elbow up, insider, vertical elbow down, connector etc.
    ♦ Finished: fireproof plate+steel material
  • resin cast busduct
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