• ladder type cable tray

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

  • Length: 1000-6000mm

  • Certification: CE ,SGS,ISO,NEMA,CCC

  • Material: FRP

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  • Advantages

    ♦ Fire-proof, Moisture-proof

    ♦ Anti-corrosion 
    ♦ High strength. Strong enough to withstand short circuits. Provides strength, rigidity without additional  hardware
    ♦ Energy saving, light weight, wide range of sizes.
    ♦ Excellent heat dispersion
    ♦ Low cost, special model, convenient installation and ventilation. 
    ♦ Flexible, easy and fast installation. Design allows cable exit or entry at any point. 
    ♦ Various hardware accessories available to fix, support and install. 
    ♦ Safe smooth edge design to protect cable 
    ♦ Easy for line check and cleaning, easy maintained.

  • ladder type cable tray

    ♦ Thickness: 3mm - 6 mm 
    ♦ Height: 50 mm - 350 mm (Light / Medium / Heavy Duty) 
    ♦ Width: 100 mm - 1000 mm
    ♦ Complete series of fittings: horizontal elbow, horizontal tee, horizontal cross, horizontal reducer, vertical elbow up, insider, vertical elbow down, connector etc.
    ♦ Finished: fireproof plate+steel material

  •                               frp cable tray

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