Cable tray repair and maintenance


    With the development of The Times, the electronic industry is developed on the basis of the development and application of electronic science and technology. Electronic industry is one of the pillar industries of national economy, and it is also an emerging industry of science and technology development. Cable protection will be particularly important, the use of cable bridge can play a role in the cable dust and corrosion protection and other damage cable life.

Here's how to repair and protect the cable tray to extend its life and reduce maintenance costs.

Cable bridge corrosion protection


1. Rust treatment

Generally, two chlorine sulfonated primers are used for the cable bridge for two-part derusting. The quality of surface derusting treatment directly affects the service life of the anti-corrosion project. On-site derusting is usually done by grinder or manual derusting. If new rust is found after improper handling, it must be reprocessed.

2. Coating treatment

Coating process is divided into brush coating, roller coating. Brush or roller coating when each layer should crisscross repeated coating, until uniform, can not appear leakage coating.

3. Construction environment requirements

Environment need to be well ventilated, the temperature is best in 13 to 30 , shall not be lower than 5 , relative humidity keep within 80%. Not suitable for construction under strong sunlight. In case of rain, fog and strong wind, construction shall not be carried out outdoors.


1. Avoid placing in hot and humid places.

2. Avoid contact with corrosive liquids.

3. It can be maintained with the special maintenance wax for the cable bridge.

4. Clean the dust and rust on the surface of the cable bridge regularly.