A good start of 2019, the busduct project of LONGYU group achieved perfect completion


With the approaching footsteps of spring, ZHENDA group achieved a perfect completion of LONGYU high 

altitude bus duct project, which marked a good start of electricity transmission and distribution of 2019.

LONGYU group is a subsidiary company of Shanghai Guoli Automobile Leather Trim Co.,Ltd, which is a 

world famous automotive interior  manufacturer and among  the top 10 highest taxpayer in Shanghai.

As the star company in Shanghai,  the construction project of LONGYU GROUP industrial zone not only 

attracted grate support by the headquarter, but also received highly attention from the government.

This project includes 9 workshops with 1,235,574 square meters. ZHENDA group is responsible for the supply

and installation of 2500 A copper bus duct. As the project requires, the bus duct needs to be installed  above 

the ground 10 m, it is a challenging work for bus duct engineers. 

In addition, because of the large current of the project, the security monitoring of  the bus duct becomes 

more important. Through the using of I-Busway, we can easily monitor the current, voltage, humidity, 

temperature, etc. of the bus duct, which eliminates the hidden danger, and highly improved the safety 

level of large current  bus duct.

Through  hard working and efficient installation about 40 days , our bus duct engineers finished the supply 

and installation of the project perfectly without any rework and damage.  

Honing gives a sharp edge to a sword, and bitter cold adds keen fragrance to plum blossom. We wish that 

SHANGHAI ZHENDA GROUP makes great breakthrough in the new year!