N-XLV Series 180 min Fire rated Busbar trunking Busway Bus duct system


N-XLV is fire-resistant busway system based on XLV series. It can be used together with the XLV series or alone per fire control requirments.

Fiber reinforced calcium silicate fire prevention board

High temperature fire retardant adhesive

Silica gel aluminum wool felt



The insulation matieril is made of high temperature resistant tape and mica tape with polyimide tape. Synthetic mica tape are able to withstand temperature up to 960-1000 ° C / 1.5H, referring to IEC371-3-8.



Sandwitch compact structure, IP54.

Able to pass 3759V voltage-withstand test without breakdown flashover in 1min.

When operating in full load, the temperature rise is less than 70K at any point of busway.it is able to operate without interruption in fire even when temperature is up to 960 °C.