Top 20 Overseas EPC Projects by Chinese Enterprises in 2018


1.Power Construction Corporation of China - Vietnam Oil Heat 420MW Solar Power Station Project

The project, with a total installed capacity of 420MW, is located in the plateau province of TAY NINH in the southwest of Vietnam. The project was jointly developed by Vietnam's local Cây cầu mùa xuân company and Thai investor B.Grimm power company. Power Construction Corporation of China assist owners to complete financing. The project take advantages of Chinese capital, Chinese general contractor, Chinese standard and Chinese equipment. It is the largest Solar power station with the largest installed capacity in Vietnam and the whole southeast Asia. It is also the largest Solar project EPC contract signed by Chinese enterprises overseas in the ‘the belt and road' strategic layout.

2.China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. - Sagamu 400MW Combined cyclic Power Plant in Nigeria

Sagamu 400MW Combined cyclic Power Plant in Nigeria, with a contract value of $550 million, was contracted by China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Project location: Ogun state of Nigeria, a relatively safe area in Nigeria.

Owner: Sagamu independent power station company

Project operation mode: financing and general contracting turnkey project, China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. should be responsible solving project financing issues.

The project was expected to start constructing in 2018 and be put into commercial operation in 2020, which will greatly alleviate Ogun state's chronic power shortage and boost local economic development.

3.China Chemical Engineering No.7 Construction Co., Ltd. - the complete set of infrastructure construction projects and the solid waste power generation project of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

China Chemical Engineering No.7 Construction Co., Ltd. and the government of Kinshasa province signed the general contracting contract for the complete set of infrastructure construction projects and the solid waste power generation project in kinshasa of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The total amount of this contract is about 2.6 billion Euros, equivalent to Chinese RMB is about 19.4 billion yuan, accounting for 33.12% of the company's 2017 annual revenue.The project is the first municipal project signed by the company under the framework of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) to help Africa overcome poverty and achieve sustainable development.

4. China CAMCE ENGINEERING CO., LTD. - Azerbaijan steel production complex construction project

Azerbaijan steel production complex construction project commercial contract, the contract amount of $1.17 billion.

Project owner: Azerbaijan Integrated Steel Mill Complex

* It is a subsidiary of Baku Steel Company, which is the largest metallurgical company in the Caucasus.

Project location: Zhanja City, Azerbaijan

Project target: Build a new comprehensive steel mill with an annual output of 1.25 million tons of direct reducing iron and 700,000 tons of plate products

Project duration: 42 months

5.China Machinery Engineering Corporation - Ukraine 200MW solar power station

CMEC has signed a contract with Donbas Fuels and Energy, Ukraine's largest private energy company, to build a 200MW solar power station in central Ukraine.

Project location: Dnepr petrovsk, Ukraine

Project area: 400 hectares

Project amount: 230 million Euros (the CMEC will raise about 170 million Euros, and the rest will be funded by Donbas)

The project is expected to be mainly completed by the end of this year(2018) and will be formally connected to the grid in March next year. The project is the largest green energy project in Ukraine.

6.Citic Construction - Algerian phosphate integration project

Citic Construction will participate the Algerian phosphate integration project, which is the largest industrial project in Algeria in recent 10 years. After the project is put into operation, it can promote the development of the eastern region of Algeria, enhance the overall economic strength of Algeria and contribute to the diversification of foreign exchange income.

The two parties will set up a joint venture company to carry out phosphate mining, production of phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer and synthetic ammonia, as well as construction of transportation lines and ports in eastern Algeria. With an investment of US $6 billion, the project will mine 10 million tons of phosphate rock annually after putting into operation in 2022.

In order to change the single economic model relying on oil and gas export as the main source of income, Algeria formulated the diversified development strategy and decided to use its abundant phosphate ore and natural gas resources to develop phosphate fertilizer and phosphorus chemical industry, drive the development of the eastern region and make it as a new engine of economic growth.

7.China Construction Third Engineering Bureau - Sophia smart city project

Sophia smart city project , with amount of 880 million Euros (including phase I complex), is contracted by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau.

The project is located in the eastern suburb of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, 16 kilometers, covering an area of 1.56 million square meters. It takes a "smart city" as the core concept, and integrates high-grade office, high-grade residential, shopping & leisure, tourism & holiday, cultural & entertainment as one of the large urban complex.

8.China Construction Seventh Engineering Division Corp. Ltd. - UAE Downtown Views Ⅱ Project

Contract amount: 1.29 billion dirham (about 2.5 billion yuan)

Owner: Emaar Development PJSC Real Estate Group, the largest real estate developer in the UAE

Project introduction: the United Arab Emirates Downtown Views Ⅱ project is located along Dubai Sheikh area and near the Burj Dubai and Dubai Opera House, in the core area of the financial business district of Dubai.The project covers an area of 296,000 square meters and consists of three super-high-rise apartments with 69 floors (258.8 meters), 64 floors (242.16 meters) and 56 floors (214.96 meters)

Contract duration: 35 months

9.China Railway Construction Corporation Limited - Argentine Saint Martin Freight Railway Reconstruction Project PhaseⅠ

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited signed the commercial contract for the first phase of the Argentine saint Martin freight railway reconstruction project, becoming the general contractor for the engineering, construction and procurement party of this project.This is the longest railway reconstruction project contracted by a Chinese enterprise in Latin America.

Parties: China railway construction, ministry of communications of Argentina

Contract amount: about $1.088 billion (about 7.54 billion yuan)

Project brief introduction: the project is 1266 kilometers long and signed in two phases with a total contract price of 1.97 billion us dollars. The first phase of the project is 1020 kilometers long, with 551.5 kilometers of refurbished and newly built lines and 468.5 kilometers of repaired lines. The contract amount is about 1.088 billion us dollars.When completed, the railway will run at a speed of 70-90 kilometers per hour, while the current speed is about 30 kilometers per hour. Annual freight transportation is expected to grow from the current 3 million tons to about 13 million tons in 2024.

10.China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC) and China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. - the Panama Canal Fourth Bridge Project

The Joined Venture of China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC) and China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. won the bid for the Panama Canal Fourth Bridge Project with a contract value of about $1.52 billion and a construction period of 60 months.

The Fourth Bridge of the Panama Canal is the largest single government cash project ever achieved by a Chinese enterprise in Americas. This project has established the leading position of CCCC in the field of transportation infrastructure in Americas and made China Harbour the largest Chinese enterprise with the largest contract amount of projects under construction in the Panama market.

11.Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric - 6,000 MW coal-fired power station in Egypt

The project joint venture formed by Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric (each party holds 50% share) successfully won the bidding of $4.4 billion Egyptian Hamrawein power project.The contract includes six sets of 1000mw ultra-supercritical coal-fired units and the supporting coal terminal EPC general contracting project.The project has successfully completed financing on March 28, and the project owner has formally issued a construction order on March 30. The project is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018.

12.China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) - the Peljesac Sea Bridge and its Connecting Roads Project PhaseⅠ

The Joint Venture of Chinese enterprises led by China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) signed the contract for the constructing the first phase of the Peljesac Sea Bridge and its Connecting Roads, marking the full employment of this Croatian Strategic Infrastructure Projects.

Owner: Croatian Road Corporation

Project amount: estimated total cost of about 420 million Euros;The sea bridge (2440 meters) and its connecting roads phase I project is about 280 million Euros.

Contract duration: 36 months

The bidding process of this project adopts Croatian public procurement rules and EU standards. It is the largest cooperation project between China and Croatia and has opened a new chapter in bilateral relations.

13.Shandong Electric Power Corporation - Saudi Arabia's King Salman International Integrated Port Facility Project

EPC general contractor: Shandong Electric Power Corporation (SEPCO)

Project description: The project is located along the gulf of Saudi Arabia in the east, about 80 kilometers north of Jubail, with a total area of about 4500X2500 meters. The whole project consists of 9 bidding sections. The 4, 5 and 6 bidding sections won by China power construction group are the main works, including ship repairing/shipyard and offshore oil platform, etc. After the completion of the project, it is mainly engaged in the manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul of ships and oil platforms offshore, including the repair and maintenance of very large crude carrier (VLCC).The contract value of this project is more than 3 billion US dollars, which is the largest cash project won by Power Construction Corporation of China since its establishment.

14.China National Building Materials Group - Mongolia daily melting capacity of 80 tons of glass bottle production line project

The glass bottle project is located in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. It is the first time that Chinese glass bottle technology is exported to Mongolia. Upon completion, it will effectively relieve the dependence on import of glass bottles, and contribute to optimizing the industrial structure of Mongolia and boosting the national economy. 

15.State Power Investment Corporation Ltd. - 225kV CotedIvoire GIS Substation Project

Shandong Institute of State Power Investment Corporation Ltd. Win the bidding of 225kV CotedIvoire GIS substation project of CotedIvoire. This project, located near the economic capital Abidjan, is an important node of CotedIvoire national backbone power grid. Through winning the bidding of this project, Shandong Institute of State Power Investment Corporation Ltd. has achieved three breakthroughs in overseas. The first is breakthrough of electricity transmission and transformation general contracting market. The second is breakthrough of Africa general contracting market. The third is French general contracting market development. 

16.CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd. signed a supply contract worth 500 million Euros (about 3.89 billion yuan) with the Industrial Development and Innovation Organization of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade of Iran.

According to the contract, CRRC will provide 90 subway trains to Iran successively. CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd. is responsible for vehicle design, manufacturing, testing, transportation, commissioning, personnel training and spare parts and equipment supply, and help Iran to realize the localization of some parts.

17.China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC) - 5 Hydropower Projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan

China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. and Kazakhstan Arayi - aoer Co., Ltd. signed the general contract of five cascade hydropower station projects in the upper reaches of the Tentyake river of Kazakhstan.

The five cascade hydropower stations on the upper reaches of the Tengtak River in Kazakhstan, with a combined capacity of 480,000 kw, are equipped with a mixed-flow hydro-generator set. The project includes five cascade hydropower DAMS, diversion tunnels, plants, generating units, auxiliary facilities and 220 kv transmission and transformation lines, etc.

The contract amount of this project is about 1.501 billion us dollars, equivalent to 10.294 billion yuan (RMB). The project duration is 60 months. it will be a rare hydropower group project in Kazakhstan.

18.China National Technical IMP. & EXP. CORP. - Combined Cyclic Gas Turbine Power Plant

Project name: Bangladesh 400MW combined cyclic gas turbine power plant project

Signed by: China National Technical Import and Export Corporation

Project description: The project is located in Chittagong District, Bangladesh, about 90 kilometers away from the capital Dhaka. It takes advantages of the most advanced and efficient F-class heavy-duty gas turbine, which is the largest combined cyclic gas turbine generator set under construction in Bangladesh.

19.Hunan Road&Bridge Construction Group Corp. - Georgia E60 Highway Project

Project name: Georgia E60 Highway Kve-Ubisa Project

Winning bidder: Hunan Road and Bridge Construction Group Co., LTD

Project amount: about 2 billion yuan

Contract duration: 1080 days

Project description: the main road of Georgia E60 highway Kve-Ubisa project is 12.2km long, the connecting roads and reroute project is 5.8km long, with a total of 35 Bridges and 20 tunnels.

20.Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd - Ethiopian DSS Highway Project

The International Department of Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd has received a letter of award from the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) on DSS highway project by the African Development Bank, marking a breakthrough in the Ethiopian market of Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd and the initial achievement of adjusting the strategy in African regions.

Project owner: Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA);

Source of funding: African development bank;

Project Description: Repair and upgrade the existing road in Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region of Ethiopia.

It is reported that this project is the first highway project won the bid by the International Department of Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd, and they achieved a new breakthrough in the field of highway projects which supported by African Development Bank.

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1. 中国电建越南油汀420MW光伏电站项目


2. 中能建尼日利亚Sagamu 400MW联合循环电厂项目

中国能建尼日利亚Sagamu 400MW 联合循环电厂,合同金额达5.5亿美元。

项目位置:尼日利亚的 Ogun 州,属于尼日利亚较安全的地区。

业主方: Sagamu独立电站公司



3. 七化建刚果(金)基础设施建设成套及固体垃圾发电项目


4. 中工国际阿塞拜疆钢铁生产综合体建设项目



阿塞拜疆综合炼钢公司(AzerbaijanIntegrated Steel Mill Complex)

*该公司为高加索地区最大的冶金企业巴库钢铁公司(Baku Steel Company)的子公司。




5. CMEC乌克兰200MW太阳能电站

CMEC同乌克兰最大私营能源企业 - 顿巴斯燃料和能源公司签订合同,将在乌中部地区建设一座200兆瓦太阳能电站。





6. 中信建设阿尔及利亚磷酸盐一体化项目




7. 中建三局保加利亚索菲亚智慧城市项目



8. 中建七局阿联酋Downtown Views Ⅱ项目


业主单位:Emaar Development PJSC地产集团,该集团为阿联酋最大的房地产开发商

项目简介:阿联酋Downtown Views Ⅱ项目位于迪拜谢赫扎伊德路沿线,靠近迪拜哈利法塔和迪拜歌剧院,属于迪拜最核心的金融商业区。该项目建筑面积29.6万平方米,由3栋分别为69层(258.8米)、64层(242.16米)和56(214.96米)层的超高层公寓组成


9. 中国铁建阿根廷圣马丁货运铁路改造一期项目





10. 中国交建/中港湾巴拿马四桥项目



11. 东方电气/上海电气埃及6000MW燃煤电站


12. 中国路桥佩列沙茨跨海大桥及其连接线一期工程项目






13. 中电建沙特萨拉曼国王国际综合港务设施项目



14. 中国建材蒙古国日熔化80吨玻璃瓶生产线项目


15. 国家电投科特迪瓦225kV Treichville GIS变电站项目

国家电投山东院科特迪瓦225kV Treichville GIS变电站项目,位于经济首都阿比让附近,是科特迪瓦国家骨干电网的重要节点。通过该项目中标,山东院实现海外输变电总承包市场、非洲区域总承包市场及法语区总承包市场开发三项突破。



17. 葛洲坝哈萨克斯坦5座水电站项目




18. 中技公司孟加拉联合循环燃机电站




19. 湖南路桥格鲁吉亚E60高速公路项目






20. 北京城建埃塞俄比亚DSS公路项目