The difference between air - type busway and compact busway


The difference between air type busway and dense busway  is as follows:
1. Different insulating medium: there is a certain gap between copper rows of air bus slots, that is to say, the insulation between copper rows mainly depends on air. The insulating medium between copper rows of intensive bus slots (also known as closed bus slots in many regions) is organic insulating material.

2. appearance is different: air bus groove is to belong to up and down general thick, and intensive bus groove is in joint place, can become big, individual feeling resembles big head.
3. different USES: better dampproof effect of air, used in humid environment like shaft; Dense bus slot current is relatively large, used in the main lines such as connecting bus.
4. differences in heat dissipation: the heat dissipation of air type mainly relies on the convection of air in the tank and outside to transmit heat, and the efficiency of heat dissipation is relatively low.

5. different prices: cost and other reasons, the intensive price is a little higher.
6. different protection levels: the protection level of the closed buduct is high, generally up to IP68.
7. safety difference: air type bus duct can accidentally have foreign matter falling into the slot, which will affect normal operation, while the intensive is not worried, because it is completely closed.
8. chimney effect: in case of fire, there will be chimney effect in air bus duct. Intensive does not.